1. No one is allowed at JS Stables without an appointment, unless you are a boarder.

2. Absolutely no one is to feed, pet or open stall doors for the horses in JS Stables except the management or horse owners. This includes horses in the fields. Our horses are on strict diets and this causes a health risk to the horses.

3. Absolutely no one is allowed to be in other areas of the barn unless accompanied by a boarder or management of JS Stables and Riding Academy.

4. Children under 16 may not be unsupervised in any area of JS Stables. Children must be under constant supervision by their parent or guardian when they are a guest of JS Stables.

5. Only boarders, management and people taking lessons are to be in the tack room or are permitted to touch equipment or supplies (such as wheelbarrows, forks, tack, brooms, buckets, hay, shavings, grain). Please do not touch items belonging to JS Stables unless you have permission from the management of JS Stables.

6. Absolutely no one is permitted to turn on or play with water faucets, hoses and equipment such as tractors and gators belonging to JS Stables.

7. Absolutely no one is permitted at the gates to the paddocks or inside the paddocks. Please no hanging on gates to paddocks as this causes them to operate incorrectly and makes an unsafe situation for the horses.

8. Absolutely no children or adults are permitted on the trails unless guided by the management of JS Stables. This can cause a serious accident, as the trails are designed for riding horses on.

9. Absolutely no children permitted to play in the parking area or touch vehicles in the parking area.

10. JS Stables is not a daycare facility or playground. Safety is of the utmost importance at JS Stables. Children running unsupervised can cause serious riding accidents.

11. JS Stables provides garbage cans outside the barn for trash.
Please do not throw trash in any area of our stables.

12. Absolutely NO SMOKING in or around JS Stables and Riding Academy.

13. Parking of vehicles only in designated areas.

14. To conserve costs please turn water and lights off after

15. Please be courteous and respect other boarders space and property.


1. Lessons must arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This allows time to tack up and groom your assigned horse and be ready for your lesson at the posted time. If you arrive late, your lesson will be that much shorter.

2. Lesson riders are not permitted to put friends or family on horses that are being ridden, leased or boarded at JS Stables.

3. Helmets are required to be worn at all times mounted. Please do not ride without wearing a helmet.

Grooming consists of cleaning the horse and every single part of their body except their tail. Please be respectful of JS Stables horses.

4. Parents may watch a lesson, but if they have siblings or friends with them, the siblings or friends are to be watching the lesson with the parent in a respectful manner. Siblings or friends AT NO TIME are permitted to be in the barn or barn area unsupervised.

5. When lesson is being observed, absolutely no one is allowed to remove, misplace, break, throw, or otherwise destroy landscaping, jumps, chairs, mounting blocks or ANY other items that are the property of JS Stables.

6. Absolutely NO SMOKING in or around JS Stables and Riding Academy.

7. Absolutely every single lesson or boarder has to provide personal information to be reached in an emergency and must sign a liability release.

8. JS Stables reserves the right to cancel lessons at their discretion. Lessons may cancel their time but 24 hour notice is required. If a lesson fails to make the proper cancellation you will be charged for the price of the lesson. If a disagreement occurs, there will be a termination of the lesson agreement.

9. No parent, siblings, friends, or any guest are allowed to side coach during lessons. If you have a question or comment, please discuss with the instructor at the appropriate time.

10. Lessons and leases are to be paid for at the time of service. JS Stables provides a mailbox to submit your payment prior to the start of the lesson.

11. Management includes owners, children of owners, animals owned by management, vehicles and equipment owned by JS Stables.

12. No one will be allowed to start lesson, lease or boarding contract without submitting signed paperwork that shows that you have read and understand the rules of JS Stables.



1. All children that come as guests of our boarders or students are to be supervised by a parent at all times. JS Stables is a training facility and takes the safety of our horses and riders very seriously. This is not a playground.

2. Boarders must supervise any guest of theirs. Please DO NOT allow guests to be disruptive to other boarders riding or lessons in progress. This is a training facility and all activities are taken seriously.

3. Boarders and lessons are responsible to educate their guests to respect the rules of JS Stables such as no feeding horses or opening doors etc. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated at JS Stables.

4. Boarders or lessons that are under the age of 18 are not permitted to bring friends to the barn unless a parent is there to supervise. If friends are present, it is the boarder's or lesson's responsibility to educate them on the correct behavior in a riding facility. While the boarder or lesson is riding, guest is to remain under supervision and not be wandering around the property.

5. JS Stables reserves the right to ban guests from the property whose behavior is inappropriate.

6. JS Stables does not tolerate boarders or lessons asking questions about other people's horses or belongings. Privacy of our boarders and lessons is one of the top priorities of JS Stables.

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